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Rehab Questions

Many people don't go to rehab because they are unsure of the benefits and the different types of treatment. We review the most frequently asked questions about rehab.

Rehab Question #1

What is the rehab success rate?

Many people want to know what the rehab success rate is? Well there is no simple answer.

“The general assumption in the industry is that addiction treatment works. But the statistics simply do not prove this.”

There is a great deal of inconsistency in the quality of addiction treatment provided in rehab centers and addiction facilities. It is actually is not measured at all.

As a result drug rehab facilities and addiction treatment centers can make false claims that they have the highest rehab success rate. It is unregulated because it is nearly impossible to gauge. How could a rehab center possibly keep track of the progressions of all the addicts they have treated over the years? How they do know if they are telling the truth about their current substance abuse? Simple answers are that they cannot. So be careful with claims about rehab centers that claim that they cure addicts, or have a high recovery rate.

Rehab Question #2

Why Chose Addiction Help Today?

Addiction Help Today is here to help provide addicts with the connection to inpatient rehab facilities that do not make false claims. We want to connect you with rehab centers that have proven to use the proper techniques required to aid in recovery. Call now.

Rehab Question #3

What is the Rehab Relapse rate

In the general sense, roughly 50 percent of any addict who seeks treatment are likely to use again within a year. However, just because somebody doesn’t use alcohol or drugs does not mean that the rehab they used was successful.

What’s more important is to ask are the clients actively participating in treatment questions like, is there an improvement in the addicts health and social functioning. Are they having fewer legal problems? Are they showing up and doing well at school or work? These are questions about addicts that will indicate if the drug rehab facilities actually work.

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Rehab Question #4

Inpatient or Outpatient rehab?

There has been some analysis done on the rehab success rate of inpatient v outpatient. Inpatient rehab facilities are more successful because they help addicts integrate back into society and provide professional help for their mental and physical state.

It is because in a 30+ day inpatient treatment center addicts are given consistent addiction treatment for all hours of the day (See the regular inpatient rehab schedule here). The addicts are held accountable and are encouraged to rehab properly.

For outpatient rehab it is often difficult for addicts who have never had treatment to complete even basic addiction treatment on their own. The reason being is that they struggle with commitment and change as it is. It is difficult for them to rely on themselves to change.

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities that provide addiction treatment over 30+ days will give the addict a much better chance to succeed than an outpatient treatment that relies more on the addicts abilities and persistence as opposed to that of an addiction specialist.