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Rehab Myths

So many addicts do not receive treatment. It is because they do not understand the benefits and also have many misconceptions about what treatment is all about.

What are some Rehab Myths?

Many people have misconceptions about what going to a rehab facility entails. We will uncover some of the most common rehab myths and false pretences about what happens at rehab and treatment centers.

Remember that every rehab facility is different and every persons individual treatment is unique. Understand that one persons take on rehab does not define that facility or treatment.

Rehab Myths #1: To Recover From Addiction Rehab Is Necessary

The answer to this question is not a transparent one. The truth is that the need to a rehabilitation center can depend on multiple factors including how long a person has been on the drug, to their unique at home living conditions.

Each person’s addiction is different and many people that try to resolve their addiction on their own end up falling deeper into addiction. If you find yourself unable to deal with the pressures of addiction it is best to consult a rehabilitation or addiction center.

Rehab Myths #2: You Must Stay In An Addiction Center For An Extended Period Of Time To Get Better

The amount of time you spend in rehab center varies from patient to patient. Many people only hear about the common 30 day treatment plan. However, a patients stay can range from a couple of weeks to even a year depending on the severity of the addiction.

In the care of doctors and addiction advisors addicts that stay in rehab longer tend to beat their addictions in the long term.

Rehab Myths #3: Group Therapy Helps Addicts Beat Addiction Faster Than Rehabilitation Centers

False. Rehabilitation centers are the most successful remedy for addiction therapy. Group therapy often does not have trained advisors or doctors and patients can fall deeper in addiction between therapy sessions.

Rehabilitation centers combine group and personal therapy sessions by supplementing a patient with professional care and doctors support to help beat their addiction. Rehabilitation centers combine multiple methodologies to help addicts recover faster and beat addiction in the long term.

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Rehab Myths #4: Only Rehab Specialists Help A Addict in Addiction Centers

False. Addiction centers combine a multiple tools, resources and tools to help addicts. It is not uncommon to find in rehab centers a variety of doctors, physio therapists, counsellors, nurses and other addicts.

Each of these people play a key role in helping addicts beat addictions. Addiction specialists have varying levels of degrees and credentials.

Rehab Myths #5: The Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous 12 Step Plan Is The Most Effective Therapy

Most rehabilitation centers and addiction groups still base many of their treatments and methodologies on the 12 step recovery steps. Although many programs still used the 12 step program as a guideline, addiction therapy has expanded in time to incorporate other techniques.

As the science behind addiction has grown; doctors will implement different approaches to helping addicts beat their addiction.

Rehab Myths #6: Rehab Centers Use Technology You Can’t Find Anywhere Else To Help With Addiction

Rehab Centers have sophisticated technology and staff to help an addicts beat addiction. The impact of drugs in an addicts body can effect people differently. Rehabilitation and treatment centers utilize technology and doctor support to help identify what effects the drug is having and the best way to eliminate the addiction.

It is important to find out more information about the technology and staff before attending a rehabilitation clinic. Many treatment centers are also tailored to certain addictions.

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Rehab Myths #7: What If I Go To Rehab Then Relapse On My Addiction, Is It Worth Going Back

Yes. The small fraction of clients who relapse following their time in a rehabilitation center are encouraged to go back. Addicts fall back into their old habits for a multitude of reasons, their home environment and stress levels after leaving a rehab center can all play key factors.

Returning addicts to addiction treatment centers will often be given more one on one attention to identify the obstacles they faced when leaving rehab. Returning addicts will participate in varying treatment methods to help experience a wide variety of treatments that work best.

Rehab Myths #8: Rehabilitation Centers Have High Success Rates

True. Rehabilitation centers have been proven to be highly effective tools in beating addiction. The experience of staff and the multiple methods used in treatment centers is well proven to help addicts beat their addiction.

Along with having a support group of trained professional addicts will also have the benefit of being surrounded with people of similar issues. Rehabilitation centers remove the outside pressures and forces that enable the addicted party to fall deeper into reliance on the drug.

Rehab Myths #9: I need A lot Of Money To Enter A Rehab Center

False. Rehabilitation treatment is often covered via your insurance of by the government.

Addiction Help Today can review your benefits and identify if you are eligible for government subsidies. Many top tier treatment centers receive public funding. These centers have full time doctors and advisors on staff.

Rehab Myths #10 Only Adults Can Go To Rehab Centers

False. The treatment for Adults and Teens is different. However, both will benefit if they go to rehab. Treatment centers tailor their addiction plans based on a number of factors including a person’s age.

Addiction centers are open to all ages and utilize different staff members and approaches to dealing with adults versus teen addictions.