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Do I Need Rehab?

Rehab Overview

Do I need rehab is a questions many Americans ask each year. Millions of Americans walk through the doors of residential and outpatient rehabs each year. Most often they are addicts with multiple relapses and are getting treatment for the third or fourth time. If you are considering a rehab it is important to understand what the facility is like.

“We have talked to addicts who have had multiple stints in rehab along with professionals who work in the facilities.”

For most patients we analyzed, if they were not willing to be sober or had no intention of doing so once they left the rehab facility than there was no point in going to rehab in the first place. They also claimed that not one rehab center was the same so it is hard to give one true look of what it’s like to be in rehab.

There are a few consistencies but the overall environment is impossible to replicate.

First Few Hours Inside Rehab

The first few hours inside a rehab facility differ depending on what the addiction is. Factors that impact this are:

  • Advancement of the addiction
  • Condition the addict is upon arrival
  • Current mental problems
  • The policies and philosophies of the facility

Regardless of these factors, there is typically a long intake and admissions process to complete the necessary forms and registration. The addicts personal belongings will always be searched and psychological tests will be done. The professionals inside the facility will ask a lot of initial questions and conduct a physical exam. This entire check in process will take about four hours.

After the the initial check in and standard entry procedures, the addict will be placed into detox. Alcohol detox typically lasts a week while detox for other drugs can occur over multiple weeks. During the time the addict will sleep in part of the facility or hospital where a nurse will monitor them at all times.   

Standard Rehab Procedures

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Everyday in rehab there will be a twelve-step group program where everyone involved will share their stories and engage in role playing exercises that help with addiction treatment. It is common for the majority of the rehab staff to be recovering drug addicts or alcoholics.

Every addict is assigned to a addiction counsellor that they speak with daily one on one for close to one hour. Often the staff are not registered psychologists or doctors. Those are typically outsourced.

For most inpatient addiction treatment the recommendation is that addicts chose a location far away from where the drug use occured. It will project the feeling of a fresh start and give a positive feeling and that they are setting themselves up for the best possible outcome.

Common to Feel Uncomfortable 

It is common for new addicts to feel slightly uncomfortable in a rehab facility. This is because there are other addicts who have had multiple stints in rehab. There minds and personalities permanently altered by drugs and alcohol. Not all addicts have any intention to recover so some might have a negative influence treatment.

They may recommend ways to get around drug tests and which drugs give the best highs. When in rehab it is important for the patient to remain committed to the treatment program and be wary of addicts who are looking to steer recovery in the wrong direction.

Is 30 days in rehab enough?

The assumption that going to a rehab facility for 30 days and coming out a new person is naive. People with serious substance abuse disorders need rehab for months or even years. Similar to if they had  a medical condition like diabetes.

The length of addiction treatment depends less on a person’s needs and more on the financial coverage limits imposed by health insurers and the addicts ability to pay for treatment. The mentality around the short term fix is one of the main reasons why drug and alcohol relapse is so common. Addicts think that going to rehab for 30 days is enough and within a year of their addiction treatment they are using drugs and alcohol again. Over half of addicts start using drugs and alcohol within a month of leaving a rehab facility.

So the is answer is that 30 days in rehab is not enough to cure alcoholism or drug abuse. It will require ongoing treatment for many years not just 30 days.  

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