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Who can I talk to about my drug problem?

March 19, 2018

Who can I talk to about my drug problem?

Did you know that over 10 million Americans have a drug problem? The issue is that only 10 percent of them get help with their addiction. So many of them ask: “Who can I talk to about my drug problem?”

The reason so many people avoid help is because they are scared, embarrassed or uneducated about their drug problem.

There is no need to hide. There are many people who you can talk to.

Talk to your parents

Growing up it was so common to hide things from your parents. You would lie about simple things because you were scared to get caught and in trouble. So it is natural to have concerns about admitting your drug problem to your parents. However, they are the ones who will be able to help you the most.

Regardless of any past faults or mistakes, your parents love and care about you. They might seem strict and you are scared to disappoint them but at the end of the day, they want what’s best for you. Even more than you do for yourself. Furthermore, they have lived longer than you and have made more mistakes and know how to fix them!

Here are some tips on how to talk to your parents about your drug problem:

  • Timing is everything: find the right time to sit down with them
  • Do your research: come prepared to talk about your problem 
  • Ask your parents if they or any of their friends had a drug problem
  • Stay focused: don’t stray from the discussion and don’t bring in other issues that involve anger and disappointment
  • Stay calm: it is a emotional discussion for both parties but once it is done everyone will feel better

Talk to your sibling    

If you’re scared to talk to your parents and are still asking, “Who can I talk to about my drug problem”, don’t worry there are other options.

If you have a brother or a sister it is common that you are more honest with them than you are with your parents.

They are a great person to approach with any problem. Often times they may be so concerned with your addiction that they talk to your parents about it first.

If you have a brother or sister and are comfortable speaking with him here are a few tips on how to talk with them about your addiction:

  • Tell them how scared and concerned you are
  • Let them know you know longer feel in control and need help
  • Ask them if they can help you speak with your parents about the issue. This way you can approach them together
  • Ask them to respect your privacy and not let the conversation leave your household
  • Tell them how important your relationship is with them and that you need their help

Talk to a close friend

We often spend more time with friends than we do with family members. Since this is the case, your friends know you best. Therefore, you can turn to them for help with your drug addiction.

If you are struggling with addiction it is likely that your best friend is aware or might be addicted as well. Let them know that drugs are affecting your life and ask them if they are having issues to. Often times, if you are both struggling you can work together as a team to overcome the problem.

When you speak with your friend they will be able to help you pinpoint influences.   

Here are some tips on talking to your friend about your drug problem:

  • Make sure it is a close friend who you can trust
  • Be firm and let them know it is serious and not a joke
  • Stay honest and let them know if they are part of the problem
  • If you are struggling, seek treatment together

Talk to an expert

Ok, so you have read through the article and are still asking “Who can I talk to about my drug problem?”.  Well if you are not comfortable talking to your parents, siblings or close friends than you can call an expert.

There are many professionals who you can speak with. Addiction Help Today has a team of trained professionals standing by for you to call right now. The consultation is free and private. There are no obligations and you can call at any time.

Experts have been through your situation and helped thousands of people like you deal with addiction. Everyone’s drug problem is unique and everyone requires different treatment options.

We hope we answered your question: “Who can I talk to about my drug problem?”. If you need to talk to someone, pick up the phone and call an expert right now.

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