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Can you get in trouble for admitting to doing drugs?

March 20, 2018

Can you get in trouble for admitting to doing drugs?

In order to admit to having a drug problem you have to be honest with your drug use. That means admitting to doing drugs.

If you struggle with addiction to an illicit drug than you purchase it illegally. That is why it is natural to feel that admitting to doing drugs will get you in trouble.

Don’t worry these feelings will not get you into trouble.

In short, the answer is no!

The only way you can get in trouble for admitting to doing drugs is if you:

  • Drive a motor vehicle high
  • You are caught purchasing the drug
  • Get caught with possession of the drug
  • If you physically harm somebody while high or in withdrawal
  • Share illegal drugs with another patient in a treatment center

Otherwise, simply admitting to doing drugs cannot get you into trouble. There is nothing illegal about it.

Patient Confidentiality Protects You

If you go to a treatment center for addiction you will have to tell them your history of drug use. This will include how you bought the drug and how often you used it.

Addiction treatment centers are bound by federal laws. An example is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). This act requires professionals to keep patient information confidential. Everything you tell them is kept private. That includes criminal activity. 

Even in extreme cases, if a patient relapsed and were to use drugs while in the facility. They would not call the authorities. The patient would simply be kicked out of the program.  

Always be honest

Honest conversation between patient and the treatment provider is the most important part of the recovery process.

If you hide information it could be harmful to your health. Physicians need to know what substances you have in your body. If they do not, they may prescribe a prescription to a medication that could have a harmful chemical reaction.

In addition, the treatment specialists need to know exactly what drug you were addicted to and for how long. This way they can create a unique treatment method for your addiction.

The first priority of any treatment center is to provide you with the best path to recovery. They have no interest in getting you into trouble with the authorities.   

You have nothing to worry about

If you are seeking treatment but fear getting into trouble for admitting to doing drugs you need to stop.

No treatment center or consultation expert will get you into trouble. Their only goal is to help you recover and kick your addiction.

If you have more questions or just need somebody to talk to, call Addiction Help Today. Our experts are standing by for your confidential call.  

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