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What is Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol dependence can be very different from alcohol addiction. If you find yourself turning to alcohol to relax or take the stress off, you may be experiencing alcohol dependency.

Alcohol Dependence

Being alcohol dependent means that you are unable to function or perform certain tasks without the aid of alcohol.

“It is a previous psychiatric diagnosis in which an individual is physically or psychologically dependent upon alcohol.” 

In this article, we will dive into what alcohol dependence is and what can be done to curb its power over you.

What led to my alcohol dependency?

There are several factors that make you more likely to develop alcohol dependency. 

The first factor is your family history. Studies have shown that if your parents or close family members have struggled with alcohol abuse, you are more inclined to inherit the same issues.

Your family’s outlook on alcohol also plays a part in alcohol dependency. If your parents have turned to alcohol in times of stress you are more likely to inherit the same stress coping mechanisms.

Life events are also pivotal factors. If you are experiencing hardships, like a job loss or a marital separation, it can lead to more drinking and alcohol dependency.

Am I alcohol dependent?

The misconception of alcohol dependency is that if you drink excessively you are dependent. The truth is you can become alcohol dependent without having to drink copious amounts.

There are various degree of alcohol dependence. Severe cases are classified by heavy drinkers, who can not perform daily tasks without the aid of alcohol. Milder cases can be demonstrated through less frequent drinking. An example of a milder case would be a person enjoys a glass of wine after a long and stressful day.

Deciding whether you are alcohol dependent, depends on the answers to several different questions:

  • Are you always concerned or worried about when you can have your next drink?
  • Have the desire and cravings for alcohol multiple times during the day?
  • Do you need to start and end your day with alcohol?
  • Feel depressed, anxious, annoyed or irritated when you do not have a drink?
  • Do you experience panic attacks or sweat profusely when you do not have a drink for an extended period of time?

If you have answered yes to any one of these questions you may be experiencing alcohol dependency.

How do I cut back on my alcohol dependency?

The most important and effective way to curb alcohol dependency is taking a break from alcohol.

Your body will build up a tolerance for alcohol, forcing you to drink more to feel the same effects. It is important for you to refrain from drinking for weeks or even months, if possible, to reboot your internal body’s receptors.

Finding other coping mechanisms to help you stop drinking. 

It is important to find other ways to deal with your stress. Whether it be exercise, mediation or reading. Finding ways to release pent up frustration or energy can be key to channeling your energy away from alcohol.

What do I do if my alcohol dependency has become something I can no longer control?

If your drinking has spiraled out of control it is best to contact a rehabilitation clinic to get treatment.

Treatment centers have various methods to help get you back to sobriety.

Many people with alcohol dependence will experience severe withdrawal symptoms. We recommend that treatment be conducted under the supervision and care of trained professionals.

Alcohol dependency is not a black and white diagnoses. Everyone is different. If you find yourself wondering whether you can live without a drink you might have a problem. If you start to see a significant change in your personality as a result of alcohol dependence  it is important to seek help immediately.

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