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Alcohol Addiction Statistics

Close to 6% of all deaths worldwide are a result of alcohol abuse. Alcoholism affects people from all walks of life regardless of wealth or social status. It is one of the most preventable causes of death.


Alcohol addiction statistics are high because alcoholism has been a disease that has affected hundreds of millions of people and their families around the world for many years. Since it is legal, the consumption of it is difficult to control because addicts can find and consume it almost anywhere.

“The damage that it does to your liver and the danger it puts you in while drunk are major causes for concern.”

Alcohol is legal substance that has been proven to lower anxiety and control. Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic but somebody whose life sees a negative effect as a result of over consumption of alcohol may have a abuse disorder. There are many alcohol abuse symptoms and not all are specific to each person.

The Data

Let’s take a deep dive into alcohol addiction statistics.

  • Over 10% of people in the United States drive under the influence of alcohol each year
  • Alcohol is the leading substance that Americans seek treatment for. Over 50% of patients in rehab facilities are there because of a dependence on alcohol
  • 10% of men binge drink 6 or more days each month
  • Almost all of the people who receive treatment for alcoholism at some point felt that there was no reason for them to seek treatment
  • 25% of alcoholics used health insurance to cover the cost of treatment



Nearly 20 million people in the United States or 1 in ever 15  are alcohol dependent. Alcohol addiction statistics are highest between the ages of 18-30 years of age.

Males have been studied to become 4 to 5 x more likely to develop an alcohol dependency versus women.

28 million children are said to have at least one alcohol parent present in their household according to the National Association For Children Of Alcoholics. Of the 28 million homes with alcoholic parents, 11 million of these children were under the age of 15.