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Addiction Treatment & Assessment

Treatment for addiction is a requirement for recovery. Too many Americans do not seek help for their addiction. See a specialist and take a addiction assessment.

How Many People Require Addiction Treatment?

Over 25 million people in the United States had a substance abuse disorder in 2017. About 9% of the entire population of America.

“Of those 25 million people, 2.5 million entered into an addiction treatment program. So only 10% of addicts seek help for their substance abuse problems.”

Of those 2.5 million people only 20% of them went to an inpatient treatment center or residential rehab facility.   

The Addiction Assessment

Doctors and physicians around the world identify a few factors the signal key indicators to addiction. This helps determine which patients require addiction treatment.

A complete assessment of conditions includes a cognitive study on the patients’ decision making, an emotional state of mind and physical body. In addition, the physician will question the addicts’ ability to think without the drug in question. Finally, the doctor explores the individual’s ability to live without the influence of the drug.

In procedural practice, the doctor will have varying degrees and experiences in spotting drug-induced symptoms amongst addicts. Sweating, paranoia, and anxiety, when asked about his or her addiction issues, are signals.

Discussion With Family Doctor

The doctor will correspond with the patient’s family physician in order to get a benchmark of where they were before the addiction to drugs or alcohol began. This gives an understanding of how the addiction process started.

The patients, blood pressure, weight, and other factors are all taken into account in order to gain a better understanding of the severity of the drug addiction.

Often times the physician will talk to various family members and close friends in order to recall the addicts change in behavior. This research is also conducted to find out information about other family members who have had any previous battles with addiction. A calming and open atmosphere is typically set when conversing with the addict.

 Topics Covered in Addiction Assessment

  • A self-assessment and family information screening.
  • Overview of the patient’s medical history (Ex. prescribed pain medications, physical or psychological problems).
  • Overview of other addictive behaviors (Ex. gambling, eating disorders).
  • Any severe family or relationship issues that the drug addiction may have stemmed from.
  • Any history of family violence or family addictions.
  • Blood work including red cell blood counts, white cell blood counts, liver profiles, kidney functionalities, cardiovascular issues, and cholesterol issues.

Number 6 in the assessment can be of particular importance. If there are any severe medical issues than immediate medical action must take place to save the patient from long term health damage.

Depending on the severity of the addiction the patient may be phased out of the drug slowly, with smaller doses. This as opposed to a complete cold turkey approach to rehabilitation.

If the above, aforementioned, resources are too drastic and you assess someone at the beginning of their addiction you may opt for other methods such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) assessment.

If you or a loved one requires addiction treatment contact Addiction Help Today.