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Addiction Process

People do not become addicts overnight. It is a process that has its basis in the behaviour and state of a persons mind. It is possible to curve addiction if you understand the process of it.

Understanding the Addiction Process

The addiction process starts and ends with the basic understanding of overuse of a substance. If a substance negatively impacts a person’s health, alters their decision making or becomes something they depend on, they are addicted.

“Drugs can negatively alter the frame of mind, causing harm to the behavioral, cognitive and physiological state of one’s health.”

Psychological dependencies occur when a person is emotionally invested or dependent on the drug to function in their daily lives. 

Addiction Behavior

Drugs can impact a person’s emotional interactions on a regular basis. In addition, a person’s ability to hold onto emotional stability in everyday decision making alters. Changes in behavior are common characteristics of the addiction process. 

The manifestation of compulsive behavior as a result of a substance in your body is the first form of addiction. Scientists have found that chronic drug use will negatively impact many neuronal circuits. This makes people turn to drugs as a compulsive behavior mechanism.

Drugs inherently create disjointed behavioral manifestations within the body that cause harm to a persons well being. Chronic exposure to a addictive substance will lead a body to become self dependent on the drug. It alters the natural course of their biological system.

“I am an Alcoholic”

In traditional drug rehab facilities that deal with alcoholism and drug abuse, people start the addiction treatment process themselves like this: “I am Mark, I’m an alcoholic” or “I am Susan, I am an addict”. At many rehab centres, this is the required way to introduce yourself. The group leaders at the addiction treatment centres will ask you “What are you?”. 

A lot of the new drug rehab facilities are straying away from these narrative and labels. However, at the end of the day, there is no chemical, biological or genetic makeup that will define the exact characteristic of a addict, drug abuser or alcoholic.

Every addict is different and requires a different approach to addiction treatment. Many will need to go to rehab. Rehab centres and facilities are a great option for addicts. There are so many options that will help!