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Staying Sober on Vacation

June 7, 2018

How To Stay Sober on Vacation

Are you getting ready for your next vacation? Nights out for dinner and days full of actives can make it tough to stay sober.

Vacation can make consuming alcohol and or other substances seem normal. 

The relaxed state and beautiful weather can make it tough to stay sober.

However, the good news is you can have a blast on vacation and stay sober.

We have made a list of activates you can do.

Alternatives to Bars and Clubs

You may think that bars and clubs may be the only “fun” or “cool” hangout spots on vacation.

When in fact, this is not true!

Remember that there are plenty of locals that won’t be drinking as they engage in their daily or nightly activities.

There are many hip coffee shops, smoothie shops, juice bars and maybe even an old fashion tea house. You can also hit up an ice cream or gelato bar.

Plenty of locals will be hanging around these spots.

Giving you and your friends plenty of chances to meet new people.

Treat Yourself

With all the money you will save from not spending on alcohol and other substances you will have cash to treat yourself! 

You can visit some local shopping stores.

Whether you like clothing, gadgets, jewelry or other take yourself shopping and splurge a little while on vacation.

Indulge in your favorite foods  

Most vacation spots have great food and trying local foods can open you to new experiences.

You can plan fancy meals with all the money you will be saving from not drinking\

Try foods and deserts you have never had before!

Choose the right people to travel with

This is a very important factor when trying to stay sober on vacation. Traveling with a known partier will not help your cause.

Find people who are like minded and want to stay sober on vacation.

You will be able to hold each other accountable and work together to stay sober.

Hit the Spa

A perfect way to relax on vacation is to hit the spa.

Book yourself a massage, get a facial and relax by the pool.

Run or Walk

If you are craving a drink or another substance a great way to clear your head is to go for a run or a walk.

There are plenty of great places to go for a run when on vacation.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you pack some workout clothing for your vacation.


This one might seem obvious but many people don’t do enough of it when on vacation.

There are plenty of hidden gems in each city that you can explore while on vacation.

Take advantage of the extra time you will have from not being inside a bar during the day and see what the city has to offer.


Many cities have sports you can try or play while on vacation.

For example, you could try to play golf or go on a bike ride.

Stay Sober

We have given you many alternatives to drinking while on vacation. Just remember that to have fun you don’t need to drink or try other substances.

There are plenty of other options!