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Lessons Learned From Addiction

June 12, 2018

What Can Be Learned From Addiction

Addiction can be a blessing in disguise. People who recover from addiction often come through the darkness of the tunnel to find a brighter light waiting on the other side.

There are several lessons that can be learned while recovering and battling addiction.

The decision to come clean and sober is never easy. However, the reward at the end of recovery is greeted with life changing lessons. The lives of addicts will change for the better.

There are a few key lessons that can be learned from addiction recovery.

Lesson #1: What A Pleasure It Is To Be Alive

Many people take their life for granted. Drugs not only deteriorate you body and mind but can also worsen your outlook on life and personal relationships.

Addicts neglect their family and friends in their constant search for their next high. Focusing only on drugs can create feelings of resentment for close family and friends.  Because an addict is always seeking their drug of choice, they will often isolate themselves forgo strengthening personal relationships.

Following addiction recover, many addicts have a different outlook on life. They learn to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Activities such as taking walks, meditation and socializing with friends and family can all be heightened in pleasurable experiences.

Recovering addicts will also realize how important life and their personal relationships are to their well being. They will take a stronger vested interest in growing their own spiritual and personal relationships with family and friends.

Lesson #2: I Stopped Feeling Sorry For Myself

Many addicts start drinking because they feel sorry for themselves.

Addicts feel that because they have experienced job loss or have been involved in a serious accident; taking drugs is excusable.

People who take drugs will often go through life making excuses for themselves. They feel that drugs were their only way out of a difficult situation.

Numbing the pain and feelings through drugs is the easiest way for addicts to overcome obstacles. However, it is not the most effective way to overcome problems!

Recovering addicts will learn that feeling sorry for themselves will not help their recovery or remission process. Everyone in life at one point or another is dealt a bad hand, addicts will learn to deal with that free of drugs and alcohol.

Lesson #3: I Realized I Was Acting Self-Interested

Addicts will act almost entirely for their own self interest.

Their lives revolve around the next time they will take their drug of choice. Addicts will step over anyone and neglect all their responsibilities in the pursuit of drugs.

Drug addiction can lead many to disregard their actions toward others. Fueling a life that is only self fulling can result in a complete failure of building or maintaining any relationships.

A major part of addiction recovery is helping others. Addicts will learn the importance of becoming support systems for other addicts.

Learning that acting only in your own self interest can lead to loneliness and depression. Being along without meaningful personal and family relationship can be emotionally damaging for anyone.

Lesson#4: I Realized What Relationships Matter

Going to rehab can be an eye-opening experience for many recovering addicts.

Many friends and family that were by you in the good times will suddenly abandon you when they see you struggling.

Their will always be friends and family that will look down upon you and your addiction. Admitting to addiction can be isolate many friends and family.

Nevertheless, there will be close friends and family that support you.

Family and friends that stick by your side during the recovery process will become your lifelong support pillars. You will always know that they will be there with you through the good and bad times.

Many lessons will be learned as you battle addiction. People will go through ups and downs on their road to recovery. Many feelings and experiences will be uncovered as the progression through remissions progresses.

It is important to realize that there is help out there for addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, contact Addiction Help Today for your free consultation.

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Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert

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